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Reason #1232 why I don't buy the newspaper

Andrew Norton

We stopped and bought a paper today because we wanted to know what time the local Memorial Day parade was going to be. The front page of the Kalamazoo Gazette said in regards to Memorial Day Parades, "A Complete List is on B-2." Cool, I thought. When I looked at B-2 only Kalamazoo area communities had their parade times listed. What kind of a complete list is that?

So, I turned to the internet and searched - White Pigeon Memorial Day parade. The first result was ironically enough for the Kalamazoo Gazette blog at

I quit receiving a daily newspaper back in August of 2006. Old news and the lack of "local news" were just a couple reasons back then for not buying a newspaper.

As newspapers become obsolete they appear to have taken a hand in their own obsolescence. They put information on their websites that doesn't even appear in the physical paper.

There still is no compelling reason for me and others in the same demographic to purchase a newspaper these days.

Oh, by the way - the White Pigeon Memorial Day Parade is at 10:45 and will end at the White Pigeon Township Cemetery for a ceremony. The White Pigeon library will be open from 9am to 12pm and is showcasing an exhibit on the Civil War. Civil War reenactors will be marching in the parade and they will be available to talk to at the library.

P.S. I don't have over 1,200 reasons why I don't buy the newspaper - I was just being facetious. ;)