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Michigan Looks to Spend $2 Billion in Alternative Energy Research

Andrew Norton

During the next decade, Michigan will be investing up to $2 billion in research, development, and business incubation in the field of alternative energy. To ensure that it becomes the hub of America's alternative energy research, Michigan is planning to spend $2 billion in bond money in the next decade. Even though Michigan is known for being an auto producer the funds will be directed toward research that promotes the cleaner heating and cooling of homes and businesses.

A quick peak at the technologies that will be researched are - hydrogen fuel cells, biodiesel, ethanol, solar, and nuclear. The one I am sure most people will question is nuclear. It is only a clean source of energy until it is time to dispose of the spent radioactive rods.

For a look at what kind of businesses will be using these funds check out NextEnergy. This nonprofit research and development incubator began operations in 2001. Tomorrow, I will be posting a list of links for some really neat websites/companies that deal with alternative energy sources.

MICHIGAN'S $2-BILLION INITIATIVE: State aims to become nation's alternative energy hub