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Goodwill Offers Computer Help

Andrew Norton

I knew that Goodwill offered a free computer recycling program, but this was news to me. Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit is now offering computer repair and diagnostic services through GoodTechs Computer Service. All of the employees have gone through an intensive certification process just like any of the big box stores. The difference that I am willing to bet on is that you will receive better customer service at GoodTechs than one of the big chain stores. One of the big selling points is that they offer to look over the machine and diagnose the problem at no charge. Good luck finding a deal anywhere else that is as sweet as that.

Better than getting your computer fixed at a decent rate is the fact that you are helping Goodwill train workers that need a break. Some of the workers Goodwill has trained through the program are homeless, at-risk youth, physically disabled people, and many other folks from all walks of life.

Their common purpose - to improve their situation in life by taking advantage of Goodwill's various programs and working hard to better themselves. Last year Goodwill was able to help about 1,000 people get jobs in many different areas thanks to programs like this one. You can not argue with the results.

Check out GoodTechs Computer Service for more information. Their hours are 8am to 6pm M-F.

Read the entire Free Press article - MIKE WENDLAND: Goodwill's got tech help