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Red Dawn remake to begin filming this September in Pontiac

Andrew Norton

I just watched Red Dawn over the weekend and I couldn't believe that it has been 25 years since it's theatrical release. Even with the Cold War now a part of history, the film still resonates with me. I remember watching it and thinking how, at the time, having America invaded by foreign forces was a real possibility and how that made the film even more realistic. Evidently the theme of Red Dawn is (with some script tweaking) even current today. Or at least current enough to warrant a remake. Do they even make original movies anymore or is it all remakes ;) ?

List of movies filmed in Michigan since 'This Time for Keeps' in 1946.

The film industry continues to thrive in Michigan and the remake of Red Dawn is scheduled to begin filming September 17th in downtown Pontiac. Pontiac is supposed to stand in for Spokane, Washington for Hollywood's purpose. Wolverine Productions will be filming the remake at locations in Pontiac and Mount Clemens. Anyone else familiar with the original film find it slightly ironic that the name of the company filming the movie is Wolverine Productions? In the original Red Dawn, the teenage rebels took on the name of their school mascot - Wolverines.

Preview of Original Red Dawn: