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Listen to Christmas music online at these Michigan radio stations

Andrew Norton

Update:Well, it's October and people are already searching for Christmas music. Yikes. So, if you can't wait you can use the player below to get your Christmas music fix.

Wherever you are at this time of the year you can always find a station or two (or three or four - you get the picture) playing nothing but Christmas music. I don't remember radio stations playing Christmas music this far in advance of Christmas when I was a kid. It seemed like a week or two before Christmas was about the only time you heard Christmas music on the good ol' FM.

Now, you can listen to Christmas music through the internet. You can pick up stations from around the world, but I thought I would share a quick list of Michigan radio stations that stream their Christmas music online.

If you find more Michigan stations streaming Christmas music feel free to list them in the comments for this post.

  • 100.3 WNIC out of Detroit - need to view in Explorer, I couldn't get the embedded audio player to work in Firefox - probably because the player is the Windows Media player
  • Star 105.7 WOOD-FM - Grand Rapids - they play a few video (yep, video not audio) commercials before the audio stream begins. They have to pay for the expense of the online streaming somehow so I won't quibble about the ads.
  • Star 108 - Muskegon - no problems in Firefox and no video commercials before the audio stream begins
  • 100.5 FM The River - Grand Rapids - they make you enter whether you are male or female, year of birth, and zip code before the audio stream begins. Come on, I just wanted to listen to some music online not take a brief survey.