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Can a Millionaire Michigan Congressman Represent the Average Michigander?

Andrew Norton

Did you know that Michigan is represented by at least seven millionaires in Congress? No, they do not receive that much as our representatives in Congress. They only make $165,200 from their congressional pay and supplement it in other ways. Oh yeah, and don't forget the free trips to such fun places as Las Vegas (Fred Upton), Mackinac (John Dingell), and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Sander Levin). In case my loyal readers have not noticed, I tend to stick up for the little man. Kind of like how Johnny Cash wore black to show support to the "poor and beaten down." Now, I am no Johnny Cash, but more importantly I am also no millionaire (although the extra cash would be nice ;)).

The median income in Michigan is $45,000. It takes millions of dollars to campaign for Congress these days. You can do the math in your head and easily come to the same conclusion. The "little man" is not running for Congress and winning. If the "little man" cannot afford to run for Congress, how is he fairly represented?

Thanks to The Detroit News, here is a list of those congressmen that are millionaires. I also included links to their respective contact pages so you can drop them a line and ask them what they do to represent the "little man."

Do yourself a favor and read the full article in The Detroit News. I am still trying to make my eyebrows come back down from my hairline.