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Icy Lakeshore photo

Andrew Norton

Icy Lakeshore, originally uploaded by Blondieyooper.

Another great shot by Blondieyooper. It's still pleasant here in southwest Michigan this afternoon, but that is going to change. I've really enjoyed these two days of warm temps and feel like I can make it until spring without going nuts.

New Book Set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Andrew Norton

Superior Death is set in a fictional town on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The fictional town of Apostle Bay strongly resembles the writer's hometown of Marquette, Michigan. Matthew Williams' first novel revolves around a murder mystery of a girl falling from one of the high cliffs overlooking Lake Superior. The book just came out at the end of April and this was the first I had heard of it. I enjoy reading books that take place in Michigan and there is no doubt I will be checking this one out. A quick check on Amazon finds it already has a few favorable reviews from customers.

Here is one of the customer reviews -

"Superior Death by Matthew Williams is a gripping and evocative new thriller depicting the life of the small-town reporter Vince Marshall and his hot-pursuit of the truth and justice in his evermore secretive town. With a potentially cheating wife, a degrading and extremist boss, and the police deciding his mother to be the prime suspect for the mystery of a local woman's death, Superior Death deftly maneuvers the language and plot for a highly mystifying tale as Marshall delves deeper into the terrifying truths encumbering his small town. Superior Death is very strongly recommended for its unique structure and fascinating and intricately woven story for all fans of mystery fiction, and most particularly those familiar with the northern Upper-Michigan Peninsula."

You can purchase the book via Amazon for $21.95 in hardcover - Superior Death: Matthew Williams

Via The Mining Journal