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Yum! Beaner's Gourmet coffee beans are coming to Michigan Meijer stores

Andrew Norton

Beaner's Gourmet Coffee, a coffeehouse chain that traces its humble beginnings to Lansing, will soon have some of their favorite blends on Michigan (Indiana & Ohio, too) Meijer store shelves. This is great news for me, a former three-year resident of Lansing, as Beaner's coffee has been one of the biggest things I miss about Lansing (in addition to Jersey Giant Subs, but that discussion could fill another post on a different day :) ). As I write this it seems that friends and food are the things I miss most about leaving Lansing. Weird.

Beaner's Gourmet Coffees that will be sold at Meijer -

  • Beaner's Best Blend
  • Black and Tan
  • Mocha Java
  • French Blend
  • Rwanda
  • Creme Brulee
  • Hazelnut Cream
  • Michigan Cherry

Oh happy day for me! Not sure when Beaner's coffee will make its debut on Meijer shelves, but more information is supposed to be available tomorrow.

Via the Lansing State Journal.

Thank you Meijer for bringing quality gourmet coffee to the masses here in Michigan. :)