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Google shows off its new Ann Arbor office

Andrew Norton

Web Pro News and the Detroit Free Press are reporting that Google opened its new Ann Arbor office to the public to showcase their cool office environment. The new office space will accommodate an estimated 1,000 employees and is currently home to 100 new employees. The Ann Arbor office will concentrate its work on Google's Adwords division. According to the Free Press, "Google was named the country's No. 1 place to work by Fortune Magazine earlier this year. It has 6,500 employees worldwide and receives 1,300 resumes a day."

Read the full Detroit Free Press article.

Ann Arbor Google Job Positions Now Online

Andrew Norton

NOTE: This is an update on my earlier post. Interested in working at the new Google facility in Ann Arbor? Head on over to and see if there might be a career opportunity available for you. They just listed the new positions for their upcoming AdWords campus in Ann Arbor this afternoon.

Here are the three different types of new openings -

Yahoo! Google is Coming to Michigan!

Andrew Norton

Excellent news on the job front today in Michigan. Google Inc. (yes, as in I better google that), the search engine that is now in the dictionary as a verb, is looking to hire up to 1,000 people over the next five years to run their new Ann Arbor headquarters for their Google Adwords division. A quick look at the Google Jobs site does not appear to show results for the upcoming Google Adwords positions. There are currently positions open for Google's controversial Book Scanning operations in Ann Arbor and Advertising Sales positions in the Detroit area. Supposedly the new Ann Arbor jobs could be listed as early today. If you are interested you should check it out sometime today.

With average salaries anticipated at $47,000 this is a great day for Michigan and its beleaguered economy. I have to be honest, this news has me giddy and delighted for the state of Michigan this morning. Day after day all we see, hear, and read about are all of the job losses in the automobile industry.

Hearing that such a well known company from the technology sector is expanding in Michigan is like hearing we get an extra month of summer. Until now, it seemed that all we had to feel uplifted about in Michigan lately was the excellent play of the Detroit Tigers.

Can you imagine what might happen if things go well for Google in Michigan? We just might shift our economic image from the auto industry to the technology sector. Wouldn't that be something?

Read Tom Walsh's article in the Detroit Free Press.