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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Michigan Gift Baskets That Beat The Heat

Andrew Norton

It's really cooking here in Michigan and across the Midwest now that we're into the middle of summer. I always like to write a blog post at this time of year to remind folks about what the heat will do to baskets containing chocolates when the temperatures hover above 70 degrees - they WILL melt. We offer a Insulated Shipping Box, but that needs to be paired with 1 or 2 Day shipping in order to work. The freezer packs included in the Insulated Shipping Box are only good for up to 48 hours and possibly less when it is 90 degrees or hotter.

So, what can you do if you don't want to spend $5 on an Insulated Shipping Box and an extra $40 or so for 1 - 2 Day Shipping?

Well, we have a great line of gift baskets that won't melt - no matter what the temperature.

No-Melt Michigan's Best - $115

No-Melt Staff Favorites - $77

Detroit Tigers Gift Basket - $64

Detroit Tigers Gift Basket

Detroit Gift Basket - $60

No-Melt Tastes of Michigan - $54

Detroit Gift Box - $30

Michigan Heat Wave - $30

Thank You Box - $30

Introducing the Detroit Gift Box

Andrew Norton

The Detroit Gift Box is a nice little showcase of some of the more well-known (and tasty) products to come out of Detroit. It's something I have wanted to do for a while to show some solidarity with the much maligned city. Here is what you get:

  • 2 snack bags of Detroit's famous Better Made Potato Chips
  • One bottle of Vernors
  • 10 oz. jar of Sanders delicious milk chocolate hot fudge topping
  • One pound of Germack Pistachios
  • 6 oz. bag of Caramel Popcorn from the Detroit Popcorn Company
  • One 'Made in Detroit' sticker to show your Detroit pride

Buy the Detroit Gift Box for only $28.79