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October is Change a Light Month in Michigan

Andrew Norton

Well, I won't even comment on the big news of the day coming out of Michigan. I'm sure you have had your fill of that already (I know I have). For anyone interested in how their state legislator voted, check out this article at the Detroit Free Press. Now, back to something that will SAVE you money (instead of the tax increase which will help our state government have more money to spend) that is sponsored by the Michigan Public Service Commission. October has been designated Change a Light Month here in Michigan.

From this article in the Detroit Free Press -

“If every household in Michigan switches only one light bulb to an energy-efficient model, Michigan would save more than $19 million in energy costs annually and prevent 310 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions,” - Monica Martinez, MPSC Commissioner

I have been steadily replacing our incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. The newer bulbs are the same size or smaller as incandescents with the same nice soft light as an incandescent but at a fraction of the cost to run them.

I put together a helpful page that provides a comparison with incandescent bulbs, how to properly dispose of CFLs, and shows you some good deals on CFLs.

Check it out - Compact Fluorescent Bulbs