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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Shop now and we'll hold it for a Christmas delivery

Andrew Norton

Just wanted to let everyone know that you can purchase your Christmas presents now and select "Ship December 18th" in the checkout process so your gift basket(s) will arrive just in time for Christmas. A lot of folks take advantage of this each year to make sure not only that their gifts arrive on time, but that we don't run out of their favorite basket. More information and to see our 2009 Christmas shipping calendar

Introducing two new Michigan gift baskets

Andrew Norton

Just in time for Christmas, we're introducing two new gift baskets chock full of great gourmet Michigan products. You will notice that we are now carrying Chicago Style Popcorn, Chocolate covered pretzel sticks, delicious giant cookies, and pretzel rods coated in caramel, rolled in Rice Krispies & then dipped in chocolate. Without further ado, here are the two new additions to our lineup as well as another Christmas gift bag that we've revamped.

The Little Snacker

Lots of yummy treats packed in The Little Snacker
This great little gift box is perfect for your favorite snacker. Includes Chicago Style Popcorn, 2 fresh giant cookies, bag of Twigs (chocolate coated pretzel sticks - highly addictive!), snowman soup cocoa mix, chocolate covered dried cherries, and a bag of naturally sweet and juicy dried cherries.

Buy The Little Snacker for $29.79 plus shipping

The No Sweets Gift Bag

For those trying to avoid too many sweets this Christmas
Some folks don't like sweets as much as I do so I put together this little collection of non-sweet items. Includes - butter pretzels, award winning honey mustard (great to dip the pretzels in), pizza dip mix, Chicago style popcorn, and naturally sweet and juicy dried cherries.

Buy The No Sweets Gift Bag for $20 plus shipping

Merry ChristMoose Gift Bag

Great Michigan treats make a Great Gift

Buy The Merry ChristMoose Gift Bag for $29.79 plus shipping

Order your Christmas gift baskets now and we'll hold them for Christmas delivery

Andrew Norton

Order your Michigan gift baskets early and choose the "Hold for December 18th Shipment" to avoid waiting to the last minute to place your gift orders this Christmas. Last year we had a huge increase in the number of customers who took advantage of this feature. I actually had someone place an order after the particular basket they wanted was no longer in stock and they said that they had looked at it back in November and knew that was the one they wanted, but they wanted to have it delivered closer to Christmas so they waited. I apologized for the basket being out of stock (they placed the order anyway and called it a Happy New Year Gift Basket) and let her know that we have a great feature that helps you to avoid waiting too long and either having the gift basket be out of stock or not being guaranteed of a Christmas delivery.

Visit our 2008 Christmas Shipping Calendar for all the details and information on where in the checkout you choose the "hold" option. We're working hard to not run out of inventory this year, but we can never predict when a particular gift basket will "get hot" and sell out. It tends to surprise me each year which Michigan gift basket is the top seller for the Christmas season.

We'll be putting up our entire selection of Christmas themed gift baskets this weekend so stay tuned! These baskets will only be available until Christmas. We've got some great new products added to the mix this year and can't wait to show you.

Why sending our Michigan Gift Baskets is a good thing

Andrew Norton

With only 1 Week remaining (for standard shipping) until the Christmas shipping deadline I thought I would catch my breath a moment between filling gift basket orders and give the Top Five Reasons for sending our Michigan Gift Baskets at Christmas and throughout the year -

  1. Give a gift that gives back all year long. We donate 1% of each sale to the Food Bank Council of Michigan and they sorely need the help with Michigan's economy still going poorly.
  2. Who likes wrapping presents? We can take care of the wrapping and shipping for you.
  3. 3 Day Shipping starts at $8.95. Great price for a quick trip on everything you ship.
  4. Unique gourmet Michigan products and our flagship Michigan Crates will be more memorable than the plaid socks you got your dad last Christmas.
  5. We enclose a gift card at no additional cost in each gift basket. You would be surprised how many gift basket companies charge extra for this service.

PS A great gift idea for families, clients, or just your run of the mill sweet tooth is the Staff Favorites Gift Box.

Christmas Gift Baskets are here

Andrew Norton

We have uploaded our Christmas Gift Basket selection and have a couple more that will be made available in the next few weeks. We've added some new products to our excellent lineup of Michigan products - Cinnamon Roasted Pecans (oh man, these are great!), Honey Mustard, Gourmet Butter Twist Pretzels (even tastier when dunked in the Honey Mustard), Blueberry Muffin Mix, Cherry Muffin Mix, and assorted candies from Sanders. View our Christmas-themed gift baskets.

Our 2007 Christmas Shipping Calendar is also updated and you can view it here. Basically, the last day you can order a basket with Priority Mail shipping is December 17th as we will need to ship the gift baskets no later than December 18th to ensure a Christmas delivery.

November's Featured Basket is the Quick & Easy Gift Box. From now until November 30th shipping is included in the price of this basket.

Quick and Easy Gift Box

The Quick and Easy Gift Box is a great gift whether you are shopping for someone who can be difficult to shop for or someone who is easy to please. Delicious cinnamon roasted pecans, chocolate gold rush popcorn (caramel corn with regular and white chocolate drizzled throughout), dried blueberries, butter rum coffee, honey mustard and butter twist pretzels fill this box to the top. - $36.79

Buy your Christmas gift baskets now - we'll ship them Dec. 18th

Andrew Norton

We added this feature to our store last year and it was met with great success. A lot of folks took advantage of purchasing their Christmas gift baskets early and choosing the option to ship them closer to Christmas. We are offering this feature once again. Starting today, you can place your orders for Christmas and when you check out there is an option to have us wait and ship them on December 18th. This will give your orders plenty of time to arrive at their destinations by Christmas.

Christmas Shipping Option

The benefit to you is you don't have to wait until later to order your gifts. Order now with the knowledge that you can cross a few people off of your list and we'll send you the tracking information on December 18th so you can "watch" your gift basket(s) arrive at the recipient's door.

Our Christmas-themed gift baskets will be up by the end of the week so be sure to come back and check out what we have to offer this year. We have quite a few new treats for you this year and we can't wait to share!