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Use this tip for the tastiest grilled burgers ever

Andrew Norton

While I was at the local grocery store over the 4th of July weekend I was struck by inspiration. I had a hankering for grilled burgers and while I had the burger in one hand I glanced up and saw breakfast sausage. They have their own recipe and make the sausage back in their butcher shop (can you believe that they still have an on-site butcher? I love it!) so it is fresh daily. Anyway, I would consider the sausage variety to be on the mild side. That's okay with me as I don't care for overly spicy sausage.

Alright, back to my tip - I was inspired to mix the burger with the breakfast sausage and see what kind of grilled burger it would create.

The results were excellent. With the added charcoal flavor (yep, no propane grill for me) my sausage burgers were quite possibly the tastiest grilled burger I have ever had. No, I'm not exaggerating - they really were.

So there you have it. My burger grilling tip. Enjoy :)