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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Michigan Blueberry Picking Time

Andrew Norton

After taking care of the orders early this morning we headed out to Locke's Fruitful Acres just north of Volinia to pick blueberries. The air was fresh and cool and the clouds helped to keep it quite pleasant for picking blueberries. We grabbed our buckets (which hold about 6 lbs.) and attached them to a shoulder harness which keeps your hands free for picking. I love how laid back they are at Locke's. The blueberry bushes are just behind the store (which is full of country-themed crafts that my wife loves to look over) and the owner's just tell you to head "out back" and find a good spot. They don't expect you to pick the bush clean before you move on. Machines will run through later and get the ones you missed.

We picked at Leduc Blueberries one time. My momma always told me that if I could not say anything nice then I should not say anything at all. So I will only say that we prefer Locke's Fruitful Acres to satisfy our blueberry picking needs.

It only costs $1.15 per pound for U-pick blueberries at Locke's. If you do not enjoy the picking experience you can purchase a 5 lb. box for $8.50 or a 10 lb. box for $16.00. I am not sure if we were there much more than an hour and between the two of us we had about 23 lbs. of the best blueberries around.