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"An Unquiet Grave" is an exciting read

Andrew Norton

One of the top 20 books in the 2008 Michigan Notable Books list, "An Unquiet Grave" turned out to be a very good read. I couldn't hardly put it down and spent a few late nights finishing it up. A few days later my wife got around to reading it and she plowed through it in two or three days. So what's this Unquiet Grave about and what made it so intriguing to me?

Set in the very real Irish Hills, but in a not so real insane asylum at Hidden Lake there is a cemetery for the former patients. The asylum has been closed and everything is being torn down along with the cemetery. The graves are being dug up and the remains are being moved.

One such grave is dug up, but instead of a former patient - it's filled with rocks. Where did the patient go, who is the serial killer on the grounds and why are the victims left at the deserted asylum?

Louis Kincaid must travel back to Michigan and get to the bottom of this mystery at the request of his adopted father. While searching for the killer and trying to solve a mystery that seems to unravel and create more questions than answers, Louis must face some old ghosts of his own.

I love a good book, especially a good mystery. Add to that the fact that the story takes place in Michigan (and an area I'm familiar with at that) and I give "An Unquiet Grave" 4 Stars on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest.

Find out more about the author(s) - P.J. Parrish