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You won't believe what is on the Michigan's Best list for 2007

Andrew Norton

The Detroit News has compiled a list of 'Michigan's Best for 2007' in four categories. The categories are - Sports and Recreation, Entertainment/Media, Stuff to Buy, and Food & Drink.

More than 105,000 people mailed in ballots that appeared in The Detroit News and on in categories that ranged from restaurants to recreation. We tallied the votes in each of the categories and this section presents the winners - in short, a users guide to Michigan’s Best bets for fun, bargains, food, and more.

One of the quirky things I found on their Michigan's Best Water Park was that Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio took third place. Why have a Michigan's Best list if you are going to include out-of-state items on your list. You might as well vote the Olive Garden as Michigan's Best Italian Restaurant.

Oh wait, they did. Don't we have at least three (the Michigan's Best list chooses the top 3 for each sub-category) Italian restaurants in Michigan that are not chain restaurants?

This reminds me of when the local paper runs a "Best List" and Taco Bell is voted as the best Mexican Restaurant. I won't even go into who was voted as best place for Burger & Fries, Best Fried Chicken, or Best Ice Cream because the top place finishers in each of those category was a lousy chain restaurant.

If you would like an original "Michigan's Best Burger & Fries" list check out my Squidoo lens about Michigan. I have added a poll where you can vote and/or add your favorite Michigan restaurant for Burgers & Fries.

Check it out.