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Today's News across Michigan - April 11, 2011

Andrew Norton

Bringing you a smattering of some of the top news stories in Michigan headlines today, April 11, 2011. This Michigan Civil War Veteran was actually a woman - Michigan Civil War veteran, Frank Thompson, was actually Emma Edmonds who may or may not have deserted the Union Army due to an alleged affair with a married officer.

Michigan toddler gets an alcoholic drink at Applebee's - A mother ordered her son an apple juice and he received margarita mix instead.

War of 1812 road gets historical designation - Remnants of a hastily built road to Detroit during the War of 1812 received the honor of being named to the National Register of Historic Places this past January.

Skateboarders in Marquette set a new Guinness World Record - When 341 skatboarders participated in a parade on Sunday, they set a new Guinness World Record for most skateboarders in a parade.

Northern Michigan and the Civil War - Part one of a three part series chronicles the role that Northern Michigan's isolated residents played in the Civil War.