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Thoughts on the New Michigan License Plate

Andrew Norton

Just so you know, this is the new commemorative plate that will replace the Great Lakes Splendor plate that was introduced in 1997. It is not the plate that will replace the classic blue Michigan license plate. That one will have a white background and blue letters to aid law enforcement officers.

New Michigan License Plate

I actually like the look of this plate as far as the design elements included. What I do not like is the color scheme. The neon green and electric blue looks like something from the 80's. I would have liked to have had the green and blue be a bit darker. I realize they are keeping the colors light in order to make the letters and numbers stand out, but I find them ugly.

The city skyline in the upper left contains the Renaissance Center, State Capitol, and the Amway Grand Plaza. The upper right shows off our pine tree forests and the Mighty Mac graces the bottom of the plate. In the middle is an outline of Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes.

What do you think?

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Via and the Detroit Free Press