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The real reason Michigan's economy is in the tank?

Andrew Norton

I just read this article at the Detroit Free Press stating that Michigan is one of only 4 states to spend more on our prison system than higher education. For every $1 spent on higher education, Michigan spends $1.19 on its prison system. Contrast this with Minnesota (happy owner of the lowest ratio) who spends only $.17 on prisons for each $1 it spends on higher education. There are numerous rhymes and reasons for Michigan's poor economy, but perhaps this ratio is the most telling of all. How can you move forward and increase technology jobs and other brainy economic activity within the state when you are spending more money locking folks up than educating them for these new job sectors?

This article really struck me as I also read today that 1 out of every 100 Americans are in prison. Anyone else think that having 1% of your population locked away is a frightening statistic?

I hate bringing up bad news, but it was sad for me to see that Michigan is one of only four states that spend more on prisons than college.