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Take a survey about the Michigan state map

Andrew Norton

We all have one somewhere. It might be current or it could be a decade or so old and crumpled up in one of the recesses of our vehicles. There is no doubt (at least to me) that a state map is a handy thing to have with you. Even with the ease of getting our directions and maps at any number of online sites I still prefer to keep an actual honest to goodness state map on hand. There have been numerous times that the so-called surefire online directions have been wrong in any number of ways.

Incorrect mileage, wrong turns, and going miles out of the way are just a few of the problems with online maps.

Anyway, the state is asking for your opinion(s) on the current state map and what you might like to see in future maps. Head on over to and take the short (less than 5 minutes - easy) survey.

While taking the survey I found out that it costs $.19 to produce a single map and the state produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 Million maps each year. For those not inclined to do the math that works out to $380,000 a year.

I think the state wants to see if this is money well spent and if they can somehow cut costs. I am sure the state wastes a lot more than $380,000 in other areas so I hope they do not discontinue producing the state map.

What do you think? Is the state map worthwhile?