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Kalamazoo More Promising Than Super Bowl Host Detroit

Andrew Norton

Just wanted to comment on a great little article from the Detroit Free Press about the longlasting impact of the Kalamazoo Promise versus the fleeting fame Detroit garners from hosting the Super Bowl. Unfamiliar with the Kalamazoo Promise? Basically, it is this - anonymous benefactors are giving 4-year scholarships to Kalamazoo Public School grads who attend any Michigan public college or university. If the kids start attending KPS in kindegarten they receive 100% of their 4 years of tuition. Even students who join the district up to their sophomore year receive 65% of the cost of their tuition. That is a great deal that will allow the city of Kalamazoo to reap the benefits and rewards of having more college educated people being born and raised there.

Anyway, you have to admit that the Kalamazoo Promise is going to allow Kalamazoo to reap a great investment for many years to come. Detroit being host to the Super Bowl? Five years from now will anyone outside of this region even remember that Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL?

BRIAN DICKERSON: While Detroit parties, Kalamazoo progresses