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Just how bad was the rain in Michigan over the weekend?

Andrew Norton

Bad enough that I need to upgrade my rain gauge the next time any hurricane remnants (such as Ike) come rolling through. I had to dump it multiple times per day and at my best guest we received somewhere in the neighborhood of 8" or so. I heard on the radio that places like Vicksburg reported nearly 12" of rain in the weekend storms. The storms were bad enough that opening day events at the St. Joe County 4-H fair were canceled. The fairgrounds were fairly flooded and by 3pm you could get in the fair for free as they told the folks manning the gates to call it a day. Most vendors were closed so if you did get in for free there wasn't a whole lot to do except eat some Frazee French Fries (yum! My favorite!).

Also, a tornado touched down in Paw Paw and today, many schools are closed due to flooding from the torrential rains. I don't know if I have ever seen rain like this for three days in a row before.

Here's to a sunny and dry week!:)