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Homeless Man's Honesty Pays With Cash and Immeasurable Rewards

Andrew Norton

These days it seems that a lot of people say (or at least think) that being nice does not pay or that it just does not pay to be honest. Well, I believe that Charles Moore would beg to differ with you. You see, Charles found $21,000 worth of savings bonds in a trash bag that he was looking through for bottles that could be turned in for the deposit money. Moore had recently lost his job as a roofer down in Ohio and had found himself homeless for the first time. He did not think twice about it. With the help of the Neighborhood Service Organization, he tracked down the rightful owner and gave them back the bonds expecting nothing in return. He received $100 from the bond's owner for his honesty and was thankful for that.

After hearing his story in the paper on Saturday, the public did not think that $100 was a large enough sum and more money has been coming in from across the area. He has currently received around $4,000, some new clothes, and an interview has been lined up for Moore as well. Charles intends to use some of the money to get an apartment.

What Charles Moore did ended up not just having an impact on the owner of the bonds. His story has touched people in Michigan and other surrounding states. The immeasurable rewards he has gained from his honesty are respect and teaching a lesson that some people spend their whole lives missing out on. It will always pay (I am not talking about money) to be honest.

Thank you Mr. Moore for a well taught lesson. The school of life is always in session and you have used your time at the head of the class well. Will your pupils listen? I hope so.

Via The Detroit News.