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Help us help the Food Bank Council of Michigan this Christmas season

Andrew Norton

We donate 1% of every sale to the Food Bank Council of Michigan. The Food Bank then uses its buying power in addition to various alliances and resources to distribute food to food banks across the state of Michigan. Now more than ever, the Food Bank Council of Michigan needs our help. From the Food Bank Council's website -

Last year, FBCM food programs procured and distributed 50.2 million pounds of food for food banks to feed people in Michigan—up 25% over the previous year. And this year, we’re on track to do even more as the need for emergency food has increased, on average, over 30% across the state.

To illustrate the Food Bank Council's buying power head over to their website and play "Fill the Fridge." It is a great way to illustrate to both kids and adults just how far their donations can go.

For instance, I plugged in a donation of $200 and it would feed a family of 4 for 17 weeks (just over 4 months)! That's calculated out to 1,400 meals, 2,000 pounds of food at a value of $3,000. If only investment bankers and the stock market could turn $200 into $3,000 as easily!

Learn more about what you can do to help feed Michigan's hungry at the Food Bank Council of Michigan website. In addition to money, you can give of your time - which we all can scrounge for some time to spare.

So please, remember that when you buy a gift basket from us that a portion of that money goes to the Food Bank Council of Michigan to help feed the hungry. That's why we like to say that with Gift Baskets From Michigan, you can give a gift that gives back.

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