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Bloated Budgets in Detroit Questioned

Andrew Norton

Boy, the city of Detroit just can't stay out of the limelight these days. This time they are making headlines for their city council requesting almost $3 million more than last year for their annual budget. The $15.7 million breaks down to $1.7 million per council member. That goes to pay for salaries and benefits for the council members and their staff. Detroit's spending is stuck in the days when the city had a lot more people and businesses creating a much larger and richer tax base. I will say that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick did cut his budget by 40% and that should be an example for the city council to follow. This just smells of people in positions to take what they can get while the getting is good. If it helps to bankrupt the city of Detroit then so be it. At least they got what they could, right?

Read all about it in the Detroit News

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