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7 Wonders of Southwest Michigan

Andrew Norton

The Kalamazoo Gazette was inspired by the recent announcement of the new 7 Wonders of the World released on 7/7/07 and created their list of the Seven Wonders of Southwest Michigan. It's a quirky piece that they must have needed to fill out the paper for the day as there wasn't enough real news. I found it interesting and I think I should create a Seven Wonders of Michigan list sometime. For now, I'll share their Top Seven for Southwest Michigan.

  1. Lake Michigan/South Haven Beaches
  2. Kalamazoo Promise - free college tuition as a graduate of Kalamazoo Public Schools
  3. State Theatre
  4. Sunset Auto Theater - Hartford
  5. a) Kal-Haven Trail; b)Portage Creek Bicentennial Parkway
  6. Gene The Pumpkin Man
  7. Plainwell Ice Cream

That's the list for Southwest Michigan as the Kalamazoo Gazette sees it. Feel free to expand or expound on the list in the comments section.