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Want to Learn More about Dick DeVos?

Andrew Norton

This morning's Detroit News has an in-depth article about the man behind the campaign for Michigan's next Governor, Dick DeVos. The article lets readers get to know about DeVos from his early childhood to the present. It is nice to get some background information on him, but if you want to know what his campaign is about you should check out his Michigan Turnaround Plan. The plan is in PDF format and is about just under 10 MB. I haven't had the time to read and digest it just yet. It is 39 pages long, so I guess I will read it over the weekend and post my thoughts this Monday.

My favorite quote from the Detroit News article is this one -

Asked for the bedrock principal that explains why he's running for governor, the former Boy Scout and Scout leader said: "I believe the Boy Scout idea that you leave the campsite better than you found it."

I wrote something similar in the comments of another post earlier this week in response to saying that Dick DeVos was not qualified to be Governor of Michigan. My comment was this -

"Well, whomever is elected Governor in November will be in charge of a state that is not really any better off than when John Engler left us in this mess four years ago. We still need someone with innovative and unconventional methods to shake Michigan out of its economic doldrums."

Saturday's Detroit News will feature "a closer look at DeVos' experience at Alticor, formerly Amway, and his family's wealth."

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