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Michigan legislators will pay Apple back for 'free' ride

Andrew Norton

The Detroit News is reporting that the two legislators who had at least part of their California trip paid for by Apple are planning on paying Apple back. They want to "end this public perception that something is misguided," said Rep. Tim Melton, D-Auburn Hills." Um yeah, why did it take public outcry to make you realize how foolish this makes you and the state of Michigan look? I just read in the news today that Gov. Granholm will cut school aid funding as much as $125 per pupil if the legislature doesn't come up with a way to balance the state budget soon.

Hmm, that's funny that Granholm is threatening school aid cuts. Look at what she said 2 1/2 weeks ago.

An article in the Detroit Free Press dated March 27, 2007 quotes Granholm as saying -

"I urge you to suit up, jump in, fight like the future of Michigan depends on you," she said. "They need to hear how it's going to affect local schools."

This was in response to state Republicans wanting to cut school aid funding by $34 per pupil to help erase the state's budget deficit.

She further said -

"For those of you who have already looked your legislators in the eye, I need you to do it again," she told a group of more than 200 educators gathered at the Lansing Center. "Write letters, send e-mails. The kids need you, the state needs you."

Where is the anger from Granholm about slashing state aid by up to $125 per pupil?

Still want to spend that $38 million on iPods?

Perhaps we should all write our governor.