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Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorses gas tax hike

Andrew Norton

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the "usually anti-tax Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorsed increases in the state’s gasoline and diesel taxes today to hasten road and bridge repair and construction. It even advocate the authorization of motor vehicle registration fees by counties to pay for additional work and mass transit." I have already made my thoughts clear on what I think of raising taxes and fees.

I still firmly believe that rather than take a look at trimming the fat from the budget (it's 140 pages long - there has to be places to make cuts in there) Governor Granholm and the State Legislature look for ways to increase funds in order to balance the budget. Whether it's an increase on alcohol and cigarette taxes or an increase in what we pay sales tax on it's just the same story, different day.

What ever happened to government being "of the people, by the people, and for the people?" Abraham Lincoln made those remarks in his Gettysburg Address.

It seems the Granholm administration believes that government is to be paid for by the people - after all it IS for the people, right?