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Lobbyists and Legislators

Andrew Norton

Lobbyists have a $51 a month limit per legislator for gifts they can lavish (influence) upon lawmakers. Like all suspect individuals, Michigan's lobbyists and legislators have found a way around this. Lobbyists have been pooling their funds together to go above the $51 monthly limit. I will not point the blame at just the lobbyists. Our state lawmakers do not have to accept these "gifts." I also did not know that lobbyists in Michigan can spend up to $675 per month to pay for legislator's lodging and travel expenses.

I was further unaware that Michigan is one of three states to not require our lawmakers to produce their financial records. Don't you think our state government would be lest costly without all of these shell games and flim flams? In the end, who foots the bill for our elected officials to have this free ride?

Read all about it in the Detroit News.