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Anyone else get inundated with political phone calls over the weekend?

Andrew Norton

The final push being made before tomorrow's election reached a maddening level over the weekend. Supporters and opponents of the various proposals on the ballot made their voice known to me numerous times over the weekend. Of course, the gubernatorial candidates had the loudest voices of all with their automated phone calls. I am sure there must be some legal loophole that allows political phone calls to be made without regard to the Do Not Call List. Apparently political phone call advertisements do not fall under the category of "telemarketers" as they are not technically selling anything to you. But aren't they?

They are trying to "sell" you on the benefits of tossing your vote their way. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I tend to view these calls as sleazier than other telemarketing calls.

I am just thankful that after tomorrow there will be a reprieve from the radio, television, mass mailing, and phone call advertisements from all of these politicians and political organizations. That's an early Thanksgiving gift I guess.

Won't that make you thankful?