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Gnome and His Home Missing in Ironwood

Andrew Norton

The Ironwood Carnegie Library is a little bit less fun and whimsical today. Tom Acorn (that is the gnome's name) had dropped by the library to reside in his home (a hollow stump) a little over a week ago. He stated in a note that "I have moved here from the north to get warm." There was a place for people to leave Tom Acorn notes just below his home. Only one note was left and it was dated June 29. The gnome and his home were discovered missing on Monday, July 3, when Elaine Erickson, library director, went outside.

No ransom note has been sent by the kidnappers and it has been over 48 hours since the gnome's disappearance. Everyone knows (from watching police television shows) that the first 48 hours after a disappearance are the most crucial if the missing person (or gnome) is expected to be found. Hopefully the gnome is merely on a whimsical vacation and we will soon see photos of him at Mt. Rushmore or the Arch in St. Louis.

Perhaps the gnome, Tom Acorn, is a cousin to that wacky Travelocity gnome and the two are shooting new commercials based on Michigan vacation destinations.

You know what? That just might be a capital idea. Instead of the Pure Michigan ad campaign we could have a gnome highlighting Michigan's great travel and tourism destinations. There you go, Governor Granholm, some free marketing advice that did not cost Michigan taxpayers one thin dime. Shoot, maybe I will buy a gnome, grab our video camera, and shoot my own Michigan tourism ads.

Anyone with information regarding the missing gnome should call the library director, Elaine Erickson, at 906-932-0203. She will take the gnome back with no questions asked.

Read the Ironwood Daily Globe for all of the information regarding the missing gnome.