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Somewhere in Time, a cult classic filmed in Michigan Part 2

Andrew Norton

This is Part 2 of this post Somewhere in Time Random Factoids:

  • Automobiles are not allowed on Mackinac Island (where Somewhere in Time was filmed), but an exception was made for filming. However, use of any automobiles outside of filming was forbidden.
  • The author of Bid Time Return, Richard Matheson, had a cameo in the film. He was the man Richard Collier bumped into as he left the bathroom after shaving.
  • This was William H. Macy and George Wendt's (Norm on Cheers fame) film debut.
  • Somewhere In Time received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Costume Design.
  • Other than the brief shots of Richard Collier (Reeve) in Chicago, the entire film was shot on Mackinac Island.

Somewhere in Time Soundtrack:

The musical score for Somewhere in Time has also taken on a life of it's own due to the same word-of-mouth that has made the film a cult classic. The timeless music crafted by John Barry has received more praise than the film over the years. Ironically, were it not for his friendship with Jane Seymour he would never have been approached to score the film.

The movie Somewhere in Time is based upon the book, Bid Time Return, by Richard Matheson. With the success of the movie, the book has since been retitled as Somewhere in Time most likely to save on confusion and capitalize on the familiarity of the movie title. A bit of controversy surrounds Matheson's book. His premise for time travel has been said to have been borrowed from Time and Again (absolutely love that book) by Jack Finney. Finney used a similar method for time travel in his book where the main character was surrounded by authentic clothing and items from the time period he wished to travel to – exactly like Richard Collier's character in Bid Time Return and the movie.

Mistakes in the Movie via

  • In scenes that take place in 1912 on the porch of the hotel you can sometimes see American flags in the background. The flags in the movie have 50 stars. The 50 star flag wasn't adopted until after 1959.
  • When Richard discovers the old registration book in the hotel attic, he appears to find his signature on the left hand page. When, in 1912, he actually signs the register, he signs on the right hand page.
  • In 1912, Richard Collier gives young Arthur his ball, and above their heads, you can see the 1980 fire sprinklers in the ceiling.
  • The 1912 hotel has frosted light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in some scenes. Frosted bulbs weren't around until the 1940s.
  • Near the end of the movie, C. Reeve is seated at a table on the lawn, and C. Plummer approaches, with the intent of encouraging C. Reeve to leave town. As they are talking, the camera goes back and forth between them. Whenever the camera is focused on C. Reeve, he is enjoying either a full meal or a cup of coffee.
  • When Richard Collier first arrives in 1912, the woman getting dressed in the hotel room is humming "You Made Me Love You," a song not published until 1913. It was first recorded by Al Jolson in June of 1913. The lady in the hotel shouldn't have known it yet.