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Quick Tip to Better Tasting Coffee

Andrew Norton

I finally found a couple of minutes to read one of my favorite newsletters. It is a monthly newsletter from the Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company and it usually includes their monthly specials on coffee or information on current events in Glen Arbor where they call home. This month's newsletter featured a quick and easy tip to better tasting coffee and a cleaner coffeepot. Simply run 10 cups of vinegar (yep, do not dilute it with water) through your coffee maker followed by at least two pots of water to get rid of any lingering vinegar. Also, do not forget to clean the lid to your coffeepot as well as the spigot where the coffee comes out of the coffee maker.

One tip I would like to add is that you might also want to have a paper filter (if your coffee maker uses those) in place to catch any hard water deposits that the vinegar cleans out. A pleasant scented candle might be in order as well as your kitchen will quickly smell like a pickle factory.

P.S. If you love coffee you really should stop by the Leelanau Coffee Roasting Company when you are in Glen Arbor (in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area) or you can place an order at their store online at I have a lot of favorites among their different coffees, but one of my top favorites would have to be the Manitou Blueberry. You can really taste the blueberry flavor, but it does not take away from the smoothness of the coffee.