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Michigan Sweet Corn is Here!

Andrew Norton

Thanks to my father-in-law, we had the opportunity on feasting on some fresh Michigan sweet corn the other night. I was surprised that there was Michigan sweet corn ready so soon. The best part? The sweet corn did not disappoint - it was delicious. We only lamented the fact that we didn't have any homemade pickles, fresh tomato slices, and fried potatoes to go with the sweet corn. That is one of my favorite summer feasts.

Our tomatoes are not quite ready yet, but I do have some homemade pickles brewing in the fridge. I can also dig up some of our Red Norland potatoes for our next meal of Michigan sweet corn. We planted them on April 17 and already have harvested a large quantity. I have never tried to grow potatoes before, but it has been a lot of fun.

I felt like I was on a treasure hunt as I dug up shovel-fulls of black earth and sifted through to find the ruby-red potatoes. Just when I thought I had dug up all of the potatoes that one hill had to offer I would dig just a bit further and find some more.

This week we will be ready for any Michigan sweet corn that might come our way. Of course, our tomatoes are still a couple weeks away from being ripe, but we will have plenty of homemade pickles and potatoes.

Don't you just love the many flavors of a Michigan summer?

To find Michigan sweet corn in your area go to the Michigan U-Pick and Farm Market database.