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Michigan sweet corn crop is looking mighty tasty

Andrew Norton

Michigan has been blessed with just the right amount of rain for most areas where sweet corn is being grown. It looks to be a much better crop than last year's which saw too much dry weather in most of Michigan to produce a good crop. I've had a meal of Michigan sweet corn and have been anticipating more, but we got that corn from the other side of the state. The sweet corn here in Southwest Michigan looks like it is just now ripening up. I can't wait.

Of course, everything is costing more this year than last so look for retail prices on sweet corn to be around $4 per dozen. Shop local at roadside stands and farmers markets to keep money in your community and state. We get our sweet corn at Hubbard's Corey Lake Orchard (out near Corey Lake of course) or Brad's Strawberry Farm in Constantine.

Quick Tip Ask the vendor if the corn was picked the day you are buying it. If it is (and is should be for best flavor and texture) then make sure you husk it and cook it that same day. The sweet corn loses it's sugar (the sugar breaks down) over time which also means it loses its flavor.

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