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It's blueberry picking time again in Michigan

Andrew Norton

I spoke with a neighbor today and he said that he bought about 30 pounds of already-picked blueberries the other day from Leduc Blueberries up in Paw Paw. This got me to thinking that I had better see if our favorite blueberry patch was open for picking yet. I spoke with a super nice lady (I believe it was Victoria Locke) at Locke's Fruitful Acres in Decatur and she said that the Duke variety of blueberries are on right now and that picking would begin tomorrow at the picker's own discretion. By this she meant that the Duke variety is a smaller somewhat tart blueberry and if folks come ready to pick the big sweet and juicier varieties they'll be disappointed.

The larger and sweeter variety (my favorite) might be ready for u-pick as early as next weekend. I am ready and waiting :).

Is there anything tastier than fresh Michigan blueberries heaped up on your cereal or ice cream? Perhaps only freezing some of those same wonderful berries so the experience can be parceled out all year long ;).