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Dave Dempsey - 2009 Michigan Author Award Winner

Andrew Norton

Dave Dempsey is known as an "environmental" writer. His books include such topics as the Great Lakes, conservation in Michigan, and a biography of Michigan's environmentally friendly governor - William G. Milliken. Dempsey has long been a champion of preserving and protecting Michigan's environment and also had his book, On the Brink: the Great Lakes in the 21st Century, awarded by placement on the 2005 Michigan Notable Book list. Said Dempsey of the 2009 Michigan Author Award -

“It’s both humbling and exciting to receive this award, since Michigan is my home and the source of my writing inspiration. Its land, water, wildlife and people are an amazing tableau,” said Dempsey. “In both the writing I’ve done and the writing I hope to do, I want to tell stories about people who made a difference and the places that shaped them. The Library of Michigan is a remarkable public asset that has made such research possible.”

Other books authored by Dempsey:

Great Lakes for Sale: From Whitecaps to Bottlecaps William G. Milliken: Michigan's Passionate Moderate Ruin and Recovery: Michigan's Rise as a Conservation Leader