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Why Should You Buy a Hot Tea Maker?

Andrew Norton

I was browsing the Meijer flyer this morning and found something that made me chuckle. Sunbeam is selling a Hot Tea Maker (looks like a smallish coffee maker) for only $29. Um, yeah, I have a hot tea maker already. It's called a teakettle. Are we so lazy (or ignorant) these days that we need a machine to boil the water and pass it through the tea for us? If you can boil water, you can make tea.

The big plus I guess is that you can make up to 28 ounces of tea at a time (about four cups of tea figuring six ounces per cup). I can make four cups of tea all at once, too. I boil water in a teakettle and put a teabag in each of four cups. Done.

Whew! Maybe Martha Stewart will have me on her show so I can teach America the intricacies of making tea using a teakettle.

P.S. Someone on commented that they have been doing the same thing using a coffee maker for years now. I guess that makes it even more foolish to run out and buy this Hot Tea Maker. :)