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What a day this has been

Andrew Norton

Normally I don't share items of personal note, but this day was a day unlike any other. My day started out with a 7:15 a.m. call from my wife who was in hysterics and calling to let me know she had rolled our pickup truck, but that she was okay. She was hanging by the seatbelt and was so shook up she needed me to call 911. With my heart in my throat I hurriedly dialed 911 for the first time in my life and frantically relayed what had happened and the approximate location of the accident. Within a minute or less I heard sirens racing past our house (the accident was a mile or less away) while I hurried around the house and got both kids dressed, in coats, and rushed out the door. One of Michigan's fine State Troopers was first on the scene and was able to cut her out of the seatbelt so she could stand (the truck had ended up with the passenger side on the ground) in the truck.

When we got to the scene of the accident there were Volunteer EMTs (thank you, thank you for all that you do), the aforementioned State Police, Volunteer Firemen, and the tow truck was already there too. It was so amazing to see faces I recognized from the community. Faces that I had no idea belonged to those who volunteer in emergency situations. Thank you so much!

Thanks to budget cutbacks the county road crews did not plow and sand many of our side roads. This snow was packed down over the weekend and became black ice when the temperatures warmed up overnight and it started to rain. The trooper was very ticked off about this and stated that there had been a large number of accidents already this morning due to those same poor road conditions.

My wife hit a patch of black ice (she was only doing about 40mph), spun in a 180, and when she hit the side of the road or ditch the truck's momentum rolled it over until it rested on it's passenger side in an empty field (sorry about landing in your field Sandy). When we looked at the truck this afternoon after being told it was totaled we were amazed and thankful that she walked away with only a few bruises.

Trucks are replaceable, but my wife is not and I am so very thankful to have her home safe and sound.

Oh, and what was the brand of the truck? It was a Ford Ranger. When they say it's built Ford Tough - they mean it. That truck took a beating and kept my wife nice and safe. I'm looking for another one (truck that is, not wife ;) ).

So I'll not be posting about a Michigan business to support today (unless you count my praise of Ford Trucks ;) ). I'll make up for it tomorrow with two unique Michigan businesses/products that you should consider giving for Christmas presents.

Tonight, I'm just playing catchup with some stuff and basking in a state of extreme thankfulness.