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Top 10 Regrets from Summer 2006

Andrew Norton

Most everybody gets to the tail end of summer and thinks about things they should have done or wished they had done. I know I had planned on getting more projects finished around the house, but I certainly don't regret that ;). Here is a list of 10 things that I thought about when I looked back at this past summer. I know there are still a few weeks of summer left, but my wife has gone back to school teaching and we just don't have the freedom to do everything we want now. For me, the spirit of summer is pretty much over.

Here is the list of 10 Things I should have done (or done more of) this summer:

  1. Ate more ice cream (remember, there is ALWAYS room for ice cream)
  2. Drank more lemonade and less water
  3. Watched more sunsets
  4. Sat on the back deck and enjoyed the evening
  5. Gone to the beach more
  6. Spent an afternoon reading a book
  7. Gone to a Detroit Tigers game
  8. Gone camping more
  9. Spent more time relaxing in the yard and less time mowing it
  10. Slowed down and enjoyed those lazy summer days