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To those who think being neighborly is dead

Andrew Norton

We have a wonderful older gentleman in our neighborhood who happily uses his tractor and attached snowblower to plow out all of the surrounding homes. It's a trick after each significant snowfall to finish using my Yooper Scooper on my driveway before he helps. It's not that I don't want his help, I just like to challenge myself to see how quick I can clear my driveway :). Anyway, he helps everyone young and old get their drives cleared. You don't even have to ask him, although he has said if he doesn't make it down to yours and you need his help to just stop on by or give him a call. There must be about a dozen driveways of varying lengths that he spends the entire morning plowing out after each snowstorm.

I know what you might be thinking. How much does he charge? Well, he won't take money, but he has yet to turn down a handful of fresh-baked cookies. I've helped neighbors get their cars unstuck or shovel a driveway during the years that we have lived here and it hasn't cost me much except a little time.

Before you complain about how unfriendly your neighbors are, think about this. What have I done to extend friendship and to be neighborly? Just think how much better our communities would be if we all asked ourselves this question and then acted upon it.

Have faith, dear readers, for this world isn't as selfish and cold as the news reports would make it out to be.