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Ten things I am thankful for this year

Andrew Norton

With Thanksgiving merely a couple of days away (man did that ever sneak up on me this year!) my thoughts have turned to what I am most thankful for. There are numerous things for which I am thankful, but I will only include ten for space purposes here. Feel free to add some of the things that you are thankful for in the comments to this post.

  • My wife and son
  • Our family's health
  • Our extended family - in-laws, outlaws and other assorted hangers-on ;)
  • Plenty of food in the pantry
  • A home that is nice and warm and snug from the cold outside
  • How our son's laughter makes me feel more rich than money or possessions ever will
  • Excellent health care coverage - a lot of folks here in Michigan don't even have coverage
  • Good friends
  • Good books - one of my (if not THE) favorite things to do - read!
  • The many freedoms we still have here in America - lets keep the government from taking any more away