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Quick heating tips from the Detroit Free Press

Andrew Norton

I picked up a copy (yes, an actual copy - not just reading it online ;) ) of the Detroit Free Press yesterday because I wanted to read all of their coverage on the Tigers beating the Yankees on Saturday. I came across this article about simple steps for saving on your heating costs. After seeing the extended forecast for this week (possible sn-sn-sn-snow on Thursday and Friday - I almost couldn't say it) it seemed an appropriate time to think about home heating tips. Some of these tips appear to indirectly have something to do with home heating costs and some look like good fall maintenance projects.

  • If you have a chimney, make sure it is professionally cleaned before each heating season.
  • Close crawlspace vents.
  • If you have a humidifier get that hooked up and running. Higher humidity makes you feel warmer without having to run your furnace at a higher temperature.
  • Clean those gutters.
  • Adjust your furnace dampers and registers to make sure the coolest rooms get warm air.
  • Keep bare wood from rotting by painting - fall is an excellent time for painting.
  • Turn off your exterior hose faucets to prevent freezing.
  • I think it is safe to remove your window air conditioners. If they can't be removed at least cover and insulate them.
  • October is also Fire Safety/Prevention Month so if you don't have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - get them. For existing detectors you need to replace the batteries and if they are more than 10 years old you should replace the entire unit.