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How fast is your home internet connection?

Andrew Norton

I ask this question because my "high-speed" internet service has been down for over three weeks now. It was a wireless service that used an antenna on our roof to connect with a tower about two miles away. The service promised speeds of up to 1 MB for upload and download. I never came close to those speeds in the 4+ years of using the service. Trouble is, until recently it was our only option for high-speed internet. Thankfully, my internet service provider was kind enough to have a dial-up connection I could use as a backup so all is not lost. I just can't believe how truly horrible the internet is using dial-up. I thought my "high-speed" connection was slow. Hoo-boy, was I wrong!

Our power company is rolling out a new program that uses existing power lines to transmit broadband. They've hit some glitches already in cooperation with the phone company (Verizon) whom they are getting the T1 connections through. I hope this becomes a workable solution as it seems to be the best hope yet for those living rurally to get high-speed internet access.

My internet service provider is just starting to rollout DSL and I got bumped up the line due to the fact that my "high-speed" connection has been down for three weeks. Hopefully it will be up and running by the weekend. I can't take much more of dial-up.

This brings me to this week's poll question. I really want to know what speed folks are surfing the net at from home. Please take a second and answer the poll.

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