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Finally turned my furnace on

Andrew Norton

I am marking October 23, 2007 down in my personal history books. In the four years since we have moved in to our current home yesterday was the latest I have ever turned my furnace on. We have yet to have a hard frost and the last frost of any kind we had was around the 20th of September. It's hard to believe we had a couple of inches of snow on October 12 last year. The last day of October is one week away and we have yet to even have a decent frost. Don't get me wrong, we are picking tomatoes out of our garden at the latest point ever. Normally at this time of the year the garden is dead and we've pulled out all of the plants.

I don't want you to think I am an advocate for Global Warming. I am not even sure Global Warming is as significant as folks have touted. When the people touting and promoting global warming are telling me to conserve energy and not rely on oil are flying in private jets and traveling across the country in caravans of SUVs I tend to not listen to their message. You have to walk it if you are going to talk it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news that I finally had to turn on my furnace.