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No Motown at Super Bowl XL

Andrew Norton

There will not be a bigger event in Michigan in 2006 than when Super Bowl XL comes to Detroit. It is something struggling Detroiters and fellow Michiganders across the state can hang their hats on. Instead of our poor economy, high unemployment, and a city that is steadily being abandoned each year we can focus on something positive. For one weekend Detroit and the entire state of Michigan will be the focus of worldwide media attention as the stage is set for Super Bowl XL. You would think with the rich history of Motown that it would be the obvious choice for the halftime show.

Unfortunately, the NFL picked those old fogies – The Rolling (or is it Rocking - as in chair?) Stones. The NFL threw Detroit a bone by announcing that the pregame show will feature the Motown sound. No details are out yet as to what the acts will be for that show.

Another problem I have is the Roman numeral for this year’s Super Bowl – XL. Extra Large. I know it was just a couple of years ago that Detroit had the dubious distinction of being labeled as America’s Fattest City, but do we have to receive the honor of having the Extra Large Super Bowl too?

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