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Farms in Detroit is an intriguing solution to vacant land problems

Andrew Norton

Can you imagine going to Detroit and where you used to see burned out buildings and vacant land parcels you now see thriving farmland, recreational centers, and wind turbines generating the farm's energy needs. If John Hantz's vision comes to fruition that will be the case. If the logistics and red tape can be handled this could be a tremendous boon for Detroit. We might witness the rebirth of the greatest industrial city into a diversified and beautiful high-tech innovative hub. The renaissance of Detroit could spread across our wonderful state.

Ahh, but perhaps I'm being a bit too Pollyanna-ish here.

Before this even has the chance to get off the ground it will probably be poo-pooed by "experts" and other pundits. The Detroit City Council will balk at merely giving away this "valuable" vacant land that is currently not generating tax revenue. For a trip down memory lane check out this exclusive audio I was able to obtain from one of the Detroit City Council's meetings a few years back - Exclusive Detroit City Council Audio.

I hope that this plan is able to succeed in some form or another. It's going to take visionaries such as John Hantz and others that see a unique solution to a constant problem and don't just talk about fixing it - they go out and do it.

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