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Gourmet Michigan products in unique gift baskets. Great tasting jams, dried cherries, Sanders chocolates, caramel corn, Michigan fudge, and much more.

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Internet Explorer issues have been resolved with our website

Andrew Norton

As I posted here on Monday, I had finally discovered why some of our customers had been experiencing problems when trying to make purchases through our website. The common denominator in the couple of consistent issues was the internet browser being used - Internet Explorer. I can happily say that after two intense days of examining thousands of lines of code that the problem was found and fixed. Users of Internet Explorer (all versions work now - I tested them, believe me ;) ) can place orders through our website – without any bugs or glitches.

A very small coding issue (double quotes where there should not have been any - don't ask, it's a story that only fellow computer geeks like myself could relate to) was keeping Internet Explorer users from being able to look at the contents of their online shopping cart - that was not a small issue for customers, it was a HUGE problem.

They were unable to edit the cart contents if they accidentally placed the wrong gift basket(s) or too many gift baskets in their cart. Then, if they did manage to complete the transaction and purchase a basket or two - the confirmation page did not show - only a blank screen.

That is not what I would consider a positive customer experience.

Well, I am very pleased to say that these issues are now resolved. I have tested this in multiple versions of Internet Explorer and on multiple computers without any problems.

I will be contacting those who emailed me and/or called me when they experienced these problems and let them know that these problems have been fixed. I apologize to anyone who had a bad shopping experience with us because of these problems with our shopping cart.

I also want to thank those who contacted me about the problems that they encountered. Some of you will continue to do business with us. Some of you will never visit us again because of the problems you had.

Without this kind of feedback (I consider what some companies might think of as "bad" feedback to be good) I would not have known about the problem as quickly as I did.

I made a coding mistake. The mistake created some very bad experiences for customers and for that I can say nothing but I am sorry and I have since fixed the problem.

I doubt you would hear the CEO of Ford or GM be as candid as I have been here, but I would never want to be that distant from my customers. Gift Baskets From Michigan LLC exists because I love this state, its products, and the wonderful people who live here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day!