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Michigan fall colors are quickly fading

Andrew Norton

10-23-2008 AAA Michigan's weekly report on the fall color here in Michigan states that the peaking colors are now in southern and southwest Michigan. We've been enjoying some of the most vibrant colors in quite sometime here in southwest Michigan. I've got trees bursting with bright yellows and reds that normally just turn a dull yellow, wither, and fall to the lawn to be raked up.

It's just been gorgeous this fall here in Michigan. Beautiful weather and an excellent color show.

The weather report this morning said we could see some s-n-o-w showers or flurries on Monday and my son couldn't be more excited. I can wait a while for the snow.

Until then, check out wonderful videos of Michigan's fall colors as well as a plethora of pictures at Michigan Fall Colors.

Fall at Bond Falls

Andrew Norton

Fall at Bond Falls, originally uploaded by mm.northwoods.

I am loving the wonderful photos from Michigan's Upper Peninsula this fall. Much of the U.P. will see peak color this weekend so don't delay in heading on up for a color tour.

Just Beautiful.

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Top Ten Things to do in Michigan in the Fall

Andrew Norton

Fall has been a hot topic of interest here at All Things Michigan the past couple of weeks. Everyone is searching for news about Michigan Fall Colors, Michigan Color Tours, Michigan Corn Mazes, and Apple Picking in Michigan. I thought it only fitting to throw out a Top Ten List using Michigan in the fall as a topic. Feel free to add your two cents to the discussion and add on to this Top Ten.

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Celebrate Michigan's Fall Colors

Andrew Norton

I've spotted a random tree here and there that is turning color down here in southwest Michigan and while it won't hit its peak for a while down here it won't be long and Michigan's Upper Peninsula will be a dazzling display of color. Get the latest Michigan Fall Color updates, corn maze listing, Michigan Apple Orchard directory, view pictures of Michigan's colorful fall display, watch video montages of Michigan's fall colors, and more at Michigan Fall Colors.

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Michigan Fall Colors

Andrew Norton

A lot of folks have been coming and reading my recent post about taking a Michigan Fall Color Tour. I felt that it was only fair to at least post one of the many beautiful photos of some Michigan fall colors. Enjoy!

Michigan fall., originally uploaded by upthedubs1.

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